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Explore your city, one cocktail at a time.

Welcome to the new way of going out.

We believe in a new and exciting way to enjoy the experience of a good night out with your friends, exploring fancy drinks and trendy spots that doesn’t involve ridiculous spending and planning.


Like a well-made cocktail, we consider going out as an adventure that should be smooth and effortless. We are passionate about bringing people together who value good drinks, good vibes and, more importantly, good company.


That’s why we have hand-picked cocktail bars that live up to our standards of high-quality. We let you explore new bars that are providing expertly crafted mixtures. No watered-down drinks. Only Insta-friendly creations and atmospheres to match in a place, you most likely don’t yet know...

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Cocktail Ticket

Subscribe for just 

€15,- /month.

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Free Cocktail

Enjoy up to 2 cocktails a week.

That’s 8 per month!

Explore New Bars

Explore new bars 

every week.

To break it down, our subscription gets you up to 8 cocktails a month in any of our specially-selected bars around the city for only €15,- a month. Think about it, that’s the price of just one of your favorite cocktails.

Every week of the month, we provide you with personalized tickets for up to 2 cocktails in our featured bars. YOU can choose the different days of the week to visit each bar. 


Not a fan of alcoholic drinks? We’ve got you covered. WOGO bars also offer a healthy selection of mocktails.

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