Saturday 24/07/2021 (14:00 - 21:00)


While walking from bar to bar, you can drink your favourite cocktails on the go in the most picture-perfect and colourful parts of Amsterdam, while celebrating Love and Equality. At every bar, we offer you exclusive discounts and the best Drag Queens in town.


The walk takes around 2 hours (aka most likely the whole afternoon), during which you get to visit 6 cocktail bars, each of them offering you exclusive discounts on at least 3 drinks. On top of that, you will get entertaining education at every bar, provided by our fabulous Drag Queens. You can start the walk at any time you like and you can visit all the bars in your preferred order.


Order your ticket(s) now, and make sure, that every person of your group has their own ticket (one person can book mulitple tickets for the whole group), in order to get access to the exclusive discounts at the bars.


*Buying multiple tickets for you and your friends? Please mention YOUR NAME to the bartender, since the tickets will be on your name!


** Non-alcoholic cocktails available.

PRIDE Edition: Cocktail Walk Saturday 24/07/2021

€ 11,95Price
  1. Order your tickets(s) for the chosen day.

  2. On the day of the walk, download your map (See order confirmation for more info).

  3. Start your walk at any time between the given period. (Make sure to start the walk on time as it takes around 1.5h)

  4. At each bar, give the bartender your name upon ordering, to get the exclusive discount.