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Best bars in Amsterdam

Discovering Amsterdam's Hidden Gems: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Bars

Amsterdam, the vibrant city known for its picturesque canals, historic architecture, and lively atmosphere, is also home to a thriving bar scene. From cozy brown cafés to trendy cocktail bars, there's something for every taste bud and mood. If you're looking to experience the best that Amsterdam's nightlife has to offer, look no further. Join us on a journey through the city's top bars and discover why Amsterdam is a paradise for cocktail enthusiasts.

Exploring Amsterdam's Bar Scene:

  1. Brown Cafés: Dive into Amsterdam's rich cultural heritage by visiting one of its traditional brown cafés. These cozy, atmospheric bars are perfect for enjoying a relaxed drink with friends or striking up a conversation with locals. From Café Chris in the Jordaan district to Café 't Smalle in the historic Jordaan neighborhood, these hidden gems offer a glimpse into Amsterdam's past while serving up delicious drinks.

  2. Craft Cocktail Bars: For those seeking more refined libations, Amsterdam boasts a plethora of craft cocktail bars that push the boundaries of mixology. Step into the world of molecular cocktails at Door 74, where skilled bartenders concoct innovative drinks using cutting-edge techniques. Or, immerse yourself in the speakeasy ambiance of Hiding in Plain Sight, a hidden gem tucked away in the city center, known for its expertly crafted cocktails and intimate setting.

  3. Rooftop Bars: Take your Amsterdam experience to new heights by sipping cocktails with a view at one of the city's rooftop bars. From the chic SkyLounge Amsterdam offering panoramic vistas of the city skyline to the laid-back vibes of Canvas op de 7e, these elevated establishments provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable night out.

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Amsterdam's bar scene is as diverse as the city itself, offering something for everyone, from traditional Dutch cafés to avant-garde cocktail bars. Whether you're sipping a classic Dutch jenever or indulging in a modern mixology creation, the city's bars are sure to leave a lasting impression. So why not grab a drink and explore Amsterdam's vibrant nightlife scene today? Join us on a Cocktail Tour and discover the best bars the city has to offer. Cheers to unforgettable experiences in the heart of Amsterdam!


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