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Cocktail Walk


WOGO offers the new way of Vrij-mi-borrels for companies. The best way to keep your employees engaged and happy.

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When was the last time your employees saw each other in person? Were able to talk and laugh in real life and engage with one another face to face? WOGO makes this possible again, keeping your team together, while they all are able to bond even more over a good cocktail.


While sending people around in small groups from cocktail bar to cocktail bar, we make sure that your employees have the best time in the safest way possible. Working with time slots allows us to control the flow of people and keep everyone at the required distance.

Amazing experience

We work together with the best cocktail bars in Amsterdam, making this Vrijmiborrel an unforgettable experience for your employees. They will be drinking the best cocktails in town, while experiencing and entering beautiful and hidden places. Together, as one team again. 


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